. Fluid Codes successful cases: Gasco, Petrofac and NPCC

Successful CASES

CFD Flow Simulation of Water Reservoir

The reservoir tank of two identical compartments, with two inlets in each Compartment and an outlet, observed severe flow short circuiting and stagnation zones. 

CFD analysis for smoke extraction system of a mall

This big shopping center was in the final construction stage, it provides a complete and comprehensive shopping for the people in Dubai, UAE.

Bullet Impact Case on an Armored plate

Bullet impact test in a steel plate was solved by performing a Explicit Dynamic simulation. The goal was to check the plate material behavior under a bullet impact. 

CFD Analysis for a Living Quarters Platform Helipad

Helicopter is the primary means of transport in offshore oil and gas platforms. The purpose of this CFD analysis is to assess the impact of the vertical air turbulence on helicopter operations for safe landing. The helideck elevation over...

Blast Analysis in a door

Blast door capability test, under an uniform instant pressure due to the design criteria imposed by the norm, by performing a Explicit Dynamic simulation. The door has to keep...

External Floating Roof Tank Simulation

An Oil Tank with External Floating Roof had an issue during filling process: the guide pole which is in contact with the roof was undergoing aggressive deformation until it touched the walls. A Fluid Structure simulation was carried out...

Mine Detonation Analysis

Analysis of a Mine detonation by performing a Explicit Dynamic simulation. The goal was to quantify the scope and the projectile speed in every instant. This method is nowadays commonly used in the Defense...

Pipeline blast Analysis

Pipeline blast test, under internal and external explosive loads, by performing a Explicit Dynamic simulation. The goal was to check the shockwave propagation and its effect along the pipe. This kind of analysis...

Antenna Design

ANSYS HFSS is leading electromagnetic (EM) simulator which provides accurate solutions for antenna design and placement. It offers an antenna design toolkit, a standalone utility which automates...