June 10, 2020

Cold Cash – Article – Ansys Advantage – V10 I3

A fan designed with multiphysics simulation offers a potential of 1 billion euros in lifetime savings for all of the LNG plants operated by a large global producer.
May 13, 2020

Creating a Digital Twin for a Pump – Article – Ansys Advantage – V11 I1

May 8, 2020

Chopping Away at Solids – Article – Ansys Advantage – V1 I2

CFD simulation provides a pump company with a virtual test facility.
May 8, 2020

Pumping Up Sustainability – Article – Ansys Advantage – V6 I2

Flow simulation optimizes the energy requirement of pumps.
May 8, 2020

Blown Away – Ansys Advantage – Article – V10 I1

The Ansys integrated turbomachinery design platform enabled a rotating machinery company to design a centrifugal compressor with a potential for 2 to 5 percent energy savings during wastewater treatment operations. In addition, the company was able to reduce costs and design time in developing a next-generation product.
April 29, 2020

Ansys Advantage – Complete Magazine – V2 I2 – Article

Complete Magazine
April 29, 2020

Ship-Shape Simulation – Article – Ansys Advantage – V4 I2

Designers use structural and hydrodynamic analyses to ensure that working vessels meet challenging demands in the harbor and at sea.
April 25, 2020

Green Machine – Article – Ansys Advantage – V10 I3

One of the biggest challenges in designing reciprocating compressors is understanding the complex operation of reed valves that open and close as they deform under loads generated by fluid flowing through the compressor. Tecumseh engineers used ANSYS multiphysics capabilities to design a new compressor that consumes less power and produces less noise in under half the time required to design the previous product.
April 25, 2020

Opening the Valve to Improved Design – Article – Ansys Advantage – V11 I2

Metso Flow Control engineers require several weeks to build and test a new valve. Using ANSYS AIM software, developed for design engineers, Metso engineers can digitally explore the performance of a new design in a few hours. The ability to evaluate many more designs in less time makes it possible to substantially increase valve performance and get new valves to market sooner.