June 30, 2020

Photometric Qualification of Ansys VRXPERIENCE for Virtual Night Drive Testing

A study shows that Ansys VRXPERIENCE delivers the same photometric results as CIE-certified Ansys SPEOS — providing a comprehensive toolkit for both static and dynamic simulation.
June 30, 2020

Making the Cockpit of the Future a Reality via Optimized Human-Machine Interfaces

By leveraging simulation like Ansys SCADE and Ansys VRXPERIENCE to engineer new marvels like the cockpit of the future, aerospace engineering teams can enjoy the best of both worlds: extreme innovation, combined with extreme accuracy, speed and product confidence. VRXPERIENCE provides a comprehensive evaluation of all the human-machine interfaces in the next-generation cockpit while SCADE generates the software that makes it a reality.
June 30, 2020

A Cost-Effective Model-Based Approach for Developing ISO 26262 Compliant Automotive Safety Related Applications – Technical Paper

June 30, 2020

Fast Tracking ADAS Autonomous Vehicle Development with Simulation – Webinar

Developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles is a challenge without precedent. Estimates indicate that billions of miles of road testing will be necessary to ensure safety and reliability. This impossible task can only be accomplished with the help of engineering simulation. With simulation, thousands of driving scenarios and design parameters can be virtually tested with precision, speed, and cost economy. This 60-minute Webinar will describe six specific areas where simulation is essential in the development of autonomous vehicles and ADAS. It will also provide examples and substantiate the benefits of simulation while identifying the tools needed for ADAS and autonomous vehicle simulation.
June 29, 2020


Every airplane passenger who has ever sat next to the wing in rough air has surely noticed how much deflection it can undergo, and has likely hoped that the wing bending tests have been thoroughly performed! The truth is that these tests go far beyond what the passenger will ever see. Wing reliability under extreme loading conditions is tested with deflections of over 5 meters between the utmost downward and upward positions of the cycle. Similarly, the fuselage is pressurized during testing to levels that would never be encountered in normal operating conditions.
June 26, 2020

Thermal Simulation for Life and Reliability Enhancement

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, ANSYS has been developing simulation . . .
June 25, 2020

How Simulation-Based Digital Twins and the Industrial Internet of Things Can Improve Product and Process Performance – White Paper

Simulation has long been used to improve the design of nearly every physical product or process by providing the opportunity to evaluate a wide range of alternative designs prior to building physical prototypes. Simulation has also long been used to model different operating scenarios to develop control strategies that are incorporated into control algorithms to improve operations.
June 25, 2020

Why Engineering Simulation is Critical to Your Smart Products Success in the Internet of Things

This eBook by Aberdeen Group illustrates that Best-in-Class companies approach development in a holistic manner, ultimately leading to a product that meets its intentions, quality, and revenue targets.
June 19, 2020

Thermal and Structurally Robust Electronics Design

Wireless communication systems are powering the smart products revolution.