June 25, 2020

Why Engineering Simulation is Critical to Your Smart Products Success in the Internet of Things

This eBook by Aberdeen Group illustrates that Best-in-Class companies approach development in a holistic manner, ultimately leading to a product that meets its intentions, quality, and revenue targets.
June 11, 2020

Cavitation: A Critical CFD App You Have to Get Right – Application Brief

Cavitation is the formation of vapor bubbles within a liquid when flow dynamics cause the local static pressure to drop below the vapor pressure. The bubbles usually last a short time, collapsing when they encounter higher pressure. Cavitation can cause noise and vibration, structural wear and damage, leading to reduced performance. It is a common problem in pumps (especially centrifugal or positive displacement pumps), compressors, hydraulic turbines, propellers, fuel injectors and other fluid devices subjected to high variations in pressure..
June 10, 2020


FluidDA is active in the life sciences by developing tests to expedite drug development. The company uses simulation to help pharmaceutical companies determine the effectiveness of drugs early in the development process. Learn more in Taming the Cost of Respiratory Drug Development.
May 14, 2020

Ansys in Action – Overset Mesh – Video

Overset mesh in Ansys Fluent simplifies and speeds simulations that include structured mesh around individual parts and part swapping, as well as, moving cell zones without having to use re-meshing or smoothing. Watch as overset mesh is used to simulate an articulating robot arm and a hypersonic rocket booster separation.
April 28, 2020

Stent Analyses Expand Students’ Exposure to Biomedical Engineering – Article – Ansys Advantage – V1 I1

Engineering students gain insight into the physics of medical devices and add to the body of knowledge on stenting procedures.
April 27, 2020

SGI® Customer Success: Qorvo – Case Study

Leading RF Solutions Firm Significantly Reduces Simulation Times and Simulation Failure Rates for Complex Laminate Designs and Corners Processing.
April 27, 2020

Creating and Deploying Vendor 3D Components in Ansys HFSS – Application Brief

ANSYS HFSS provides the capability to utilize ready-made 3D Component models that represent discrete parts or components of a simulation such as an antenna, an RF connector or a surface mount device like a chip capacitor.
April 27, 2020

Hearing Gain – Ansys Advantage – Article – V10 I1

Hearing aid directional filters are normally designed to provide optimal performance on an average head. However, directional performance actually depends on the individual’s head and torso shape. Oticon uses multiphysics to advance the personalization of hearing aid performance.
April 20, 2020

Targeting a Tumor – Article – Ansys Advantage – V12 I2

By devising a new computational method that tracks the flow of therapeutic drug particles in an aerosol from the lips to the lungs, researchers can deposit a drug on a targeted lung tumor with 90 percent efficiency. This is a major improvement over the 20 percent efficiency of conventional aerosol treatment methods.One key to the success of this new computational method is the development of a human digital twin that can be made patient specific using the real geometry of the patient’s lungs.