Platform Support

Platform Support

Fluid Codes technical team is highly committed to provide timely and quality technical support to its customers. Whether you are new to engineering simulation or are a highly-skilled specialist, Fluid Codes provides the training, consulting services and support you need to do your job and do it right.

You can contact us for technical support on ANSYS products any time!

Defining the optimum computer infrastructure for use of Ansys software begins with understanding the computing platforms that are tested and supported by Ansys. Follow the links below to learn about the computing platforms we support as well as reference system architectures recommended by valued partners.

Current Release Support Data

The PDF files below provide platform support information for the current Ansys release, including certification and test information for operating systems, graphics cards, job schedules, and other platform components.

Support Data History

The current release was tested to read and open databases from the five previous releases. Note that some products can read and open databases from releases before Ansys 18.1. Follow the Previous Releases link below for related testing, certification, and support details.

Information Resources Provided by HPC Partners

For customers who need guidance on high-performance computing (HPC) configurations, useful resources are provided at the following links:

Ansys Benchmarks