Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS)

The Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (TECS) program is one of the many customer service offerings that address industry-wide engineering problems.

It’s more than just maintenance of an Ansys license. The TECS program provides a multitude of value-added services. Customers receive priority service benefits for a yearly fee based on their license, including the following:

  • Frequently updated software releases featuring enhanced capabilities and cutting-edge technology
  • Ongoing customer support for the two most current releases of our products. Our technical expertise includes a global network of certified distributors and senior-level corporate support staff.
  • A worldwide call-tracking system that allows Technical Support to build a knowledge base of crucial Ansys information
  • Timely release of corrective and adaptive maintenance
  • Access to the Ansys Customer Portal, where customers can search the Technical Support Knowledge Base, download service packs and view the latest Ansys new features training material, as well as documentation

TECS is a smart investment in your future. Companies today need to address long-term, corporate-wide requirements to remain competitive in their industry. Ansys helps companies to increase the value and usefulness of their products through the TECS program.

No other software vendor in the industry can come close to matching the combination of technology, usability and support that the TECS program provides customers.