Level Up with Ansys Mechanical Virtual Conference


Level Up with Ansys Mechanical Virtual Conference

For the past 50 years, Ansys Mechanical — where it all began — continues to be the engineering community’s go-to finite element analysis platform for structural analysis. And Mechanical’s just getting warmed up as its UI and ease-of-use capabilities have recently grown by leaps and bounds, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and automation to make workflows easier than ever. This makes Mechanical accessible to every engineer, no matter where they are in their simulation journey.

Event Highlights

Join us on December 2 for this free virtual technical event, where visionary Ansys product development, product management and engineering leaders will provide expert insights on Mechanical’s latest technology advances and preview the exciting path ahead for the platform. For those engineers looking to boot up their simulation experience to those seeking to step up their simulation skills to those operating in “beast mode,” who execute large and complex workflows, this action-packed event showcases how Mechanical radically transforms product design.

  • Learn the latest hacks and cheats with scripting and automation to save you valuable time.
  • Discover how to lightweight your product designs with our structural optimization methods.
  • Understand how to couple multiple physics to assess how your product will perform in the real world.
  • Live Q&A with Ansys Mechanical development


Kinzy Jones


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Sunil Rana

Associate Principal Engineer

Mondelez International, Inc.