Multipurpose 3D Modeling for Faster Engineering Results

Multipurpose 3D Modeling for Faster Engineering Results

Multipurpose 3D Modeling for Faster Engineering Results

With Ansys SpaceClaim modeling software, you can quickly create, modify, and repair geometry for the rapid editing of designs. In addition, you can optimize designs for simulation or any manufacturing method —including 3D printing and reverse engineering.

You have to see SpaceClaim believe all it can help you create: rough concepts, detailed designs, fixtures and tooling, CAD geometry, and clean 3D CAD models reverse-engineered from STL files.

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Make any 3D file print-ready. Analyze and repair dirty or corrupt faceted data, or quickly create, edit and prepare optimized models for 3D printing.

Model Prep for Manufacturing

Prepare models for manufacturing steps and maximize machining time. Edit any CAD file, repair corrupt or difficult CAD files, and design jigs and fixtures faster than ever before.

Simulation and Analysis

Simplify models in minutes instead of hours. Quickly modify, optimize and parameterize any CAD file to reduce mesh complexity and reduce simulation solve time.

Reverse Engineering

Use intuitive and powerful tools to autosurface simple or complex mesh data, build intricate parts or recreate fixtures quickly and efficiently.

Design and Concept Modeling

Create parts, assemblies and drawings. Open, repair and edit any CAD file. Discovery SpaceClaim’s Direct Modeling technology is faster, easier and more flexible than any other 3D modeling tool.

Sheet Metal Design and Manufacturing

Complete sheet metal jobs quickly while minimizing downtime on a shop floor. Design enclosures and convert 3D files to unfolded layouts. Import and repair unfoldable sheet metal designs.