Systems and software life cycle management

ANSYS SCADE LifeCycle embedded software solution provides unique support for application life cycle management. It features requirements traceability via application life cycle management (ALM) tools, traceability from models, configuration and change management, and automatic documentation generation.

SCADE LifeCycle enhances the functionalities of ANSYS SCADE solutions with add-on modules that bridge SCADE solutions and requirement management tools or product life cycle management/application life cycle management (PLM/ALM) tools. With SCADE LifeCycle, all systems and software teams involved in critical applications development can manage and control their design and verification activities across the full life cycle of their SCADE applications.


System & Software Architecture Design

The software supports functional and architecture decomposition via block diagrams, reusable/unique blocks for component-based modeling, import/export of data dictionaries, and data propagation across block hierarchy.

System & Software Architecture Design Verification

SCADE Architect enables systems design verification with tools for model consistency checking and model diff/merge.

ICD Generation and Synchronization with Software Design

SCADE Architect facilitates creation of interface control documents and refinement of software components in the Ansys SCADE Suite model-based environment.

Systems Requirements Analysis

The SysML-based system design tool supports operational requirements analysis, functional decomposition, architecture decomposition and allocation of functions to components.

System Design Environment Configuration

The software can be configured to meet specific group or domain needs, to build in industry standards like IMA, FACE and AUTOSAR, or company or project standards.

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