ANSYS Additive Prep

ANSYS Additive Prep

3D Printing Part Orientation Optimization

Additive Prep optimizes part orientation, auto-detects support regions and individually configures regions to create different support types. In seconds, Additive Prep can generate a complex set of support geometries. This set can be exported for simulation to identify failure modes and determine the expected distortions and stresses, without utilizing machine time and print materials.

Additive Prep also enables you to view and/or animate the progression of laser scan vectors across any slice within the part. Alternatively, you can watch the sequential build of all the 2D slices in the build volume using the new Slice Viewer tool.

A new Build Processor tool enables you to export a build file directly to a 3D machine. Parameters are available to control scaling, slicing, volume, up-skin remelting, up-skin recoating and down-skin. You can also specify laser power, laser speed and focus for scan vectors using scanning parameters.

Additive Prep enables you to:

  • Create build volumes
  • Orient parts
  • Create support regions
  • Generate supports
  • Utilize the Slice Viewer
  • Modify or specify build parameters
  • Export geometries for simulation
  • Estimate costs
  • Create and export build files to additive manufacturing equipment

Additive Prep is included in ANSYS Additive Suite and ANSYS Additive Print and is also available as an add-on to SpaceClaim.

Video shows how ANSYS Additive Prep uses heat maps to help engineers orient their parts on buil