3D CAD Design

June 18, 2020


Discovery AIM simulation software solves multiphysics simulations within a single user interface. Combine intuitive, guided workflows, accurate simulation results and optimization in a complete simulation tool.
June 10, 2020

Ansys 2020 R1 Capabilities – Brochure

Ansys delivers innovative, dramatic simulation technology advances in every major physics discipline. We offer the most comprehensive suite of simulation solvers in the world so that you can confidently predict your product's success. This brochure outlines the capabilities of our various products.
June 5, 2020

Discovery AIM Capabilities

Discovery AIM’s guided simulation workflows and highly intuitive user interface streamline the setup and execution of engineering simulation, making it easy to apply simulation early in the design process, when it can be used for critical design decisions. Discovery AIM’s templates guide you through the entire simulation process and automate many of the routine steps, enabling you to focus on the engineering. The visual cues and guides included in Discovery AIM user interface help you to quickly identify and navigate to model inputs that require attention. You will spend less time learning — or, for infrequent users, relearning— and operating the software, making you more productive.
June 4, 2020

Discovery AIM – Ansys 19 Update Video

June 4, 2020

Many Physics in a Single User Interface – Video

June 4, 2020

Successful Simulation Led Design Exploration – eBook

June 4, 2020

Discovery AIM for Electromagnetics

April 27, 2020

Get the 2020 R1 update

ANSYS Discovery AIM now includes a random vibration solution. It allows aerospace and defense engineers to calculate the likelihood of a specific displacement or stress due to excitation within a range. This capability also makes it easier to account for real-world conditions and ensure designs conform to aircraft specifications and standards.
April 7, 2020

Spaceclaim Capabilities

SpaceClaim removes a common geometry bottleneck by putting the power of easy and fast geometry creation into the hands of any designer, engineer, manufacturer or analyst. This new modeling paradigm will free you from the constraints of history-based concept modeling, allowing you to focus on the creative process and not on the technology. With an expanded use of 3D in the early modeling phase as well as throughout the entire product design and development workflow, you can increase your innovative ideas while also increasing productivity.