Embedded Software

July 16, 2020

Accelerating the Aerospace & Defense Digital Transformation with FACE and ARINC 661 Avionics Standards

Facing an increasingly competitive, threat-filled environment, aerospace and defense companies must digitally transform to deliver radical innovation. Complex software requirements (including safety and security), and emerging initiatives associated with model-based engineering and open system architectures can make it difficult to manage cost and schedule constraints. Traditional approaches are becoming less effective and may raise knowledge transfer obstacles, resulting in difficult or impossible-to-maintain designs. In this webinar, we will focus on a key enabler for developing your companies’ model-based systems engineering (MBSE) framework in compliance with standards promoting open avionics environments and interoperability: model-based software development tools.
June 25, 2020

Why Engineering Simulation is Critical to Your Smart Products Success in the Internet of Things

This eBook by Aberdeen Group illustrates that Best-in-Class companies approach development in a holistic manner, ultimately leading to a product that meets its intentions, quality, and revenue targets.
June 23, 2020


UberCloud’s mission is to empower engineers to get better results, faster. UberCloud makes it easy to run your simulations on powerful cloud infrastructure. Unleash the full power of Ansys software and boost confidence in your results. No more compromising on mesh quality or model fidelity because of hardware limitations. With UberCloud’s flexible software platform and network of cloud partners, you get on-demand access to major providers such as Microsoft Azure, HPE and others. Choose from a variety of secure data centers, and hardware options such as InfiniBand, GPUs etc.
June 23, 2020


The goal of TAE SUNG S&E(TSNE, in short) is the "One Stop Total engineering Solution Provider(OSTS)" both in domestic and global market. Since established in 1988, TSNE has been a CAE specialized company dedicated to deliver engineering programs and services to customers in Korea. With its largest CAE experts and business capabilities in Korea, TSNE serves customers from variety of industries and is expanding its business scope to researching innovative technologies and applying them to the field.
June 23, 2020


Syncious provides a cloud hosting platform known as 'SyncHPC' to Ansys customers. SyncHPC simplifies the lifecycle of Ansys workloads on High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. It provides easy deployment, management and usage of HPC resources.
June 23, 2020


Rescale provides a turn-key, full stack cloud HPC solution to Ansys customers. Through Rescale's SaaS interface, Ansys customers can access and deploy Ansys applications in the cloud from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. With access to the largest global HPC Infrastructure network made available via Rescale, Ansys customers are provided virtually unlimited hardware selections including the latest GPU technologies, InfiniBand interconnect, and numerous other specialty configurations. Rescale’s platform has the widest range of hardware capability, availability and value to users for Ansys applications. Customizable hardware configurations allow organizations to tailor resources to meet the varying needs of many internal divisions, including cost, capability, availability, scalability and capacity. From a single interface, users can easily customize and switch hardware types to achieve optimal results for specific Ansys applications or Ansys models.
June 23, 2020

Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing designs, delivers and services computing, networking, storage and cloud solutions that leverage the latest in open technologies. Penguin Computing’s POD (Penguin Computing on Demand) is a public HPC cloud service that provides on-demand, high-performance supercomputing capabilities on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum charges.
June 23, 2020

Nimbix, Inc

Nimbix provides turn-key cloud solutions that quickly solve the toughest computing challenges with Ansys enabled applications and workflows, not strictly machines and instances. Nimbix provides affordable results and real world solutions for Ansys customers
June 23, 2020


Gompute is owned and operated by Gridcore AB in Gothenburg (Sweden). Gridcore is a Swedish system integrator with long experience in designing and supporting computing farms for technical and scientific applications. Gridcore has operated its HPC on demand service since 2002. Gompute is powered by Gridcore software stack for HPC environments for in-house installations (Enterprise Gompute)