Fluid Codes - ANSYS ELITE Channel Partner

Fluid Codes is the ELITE Channel Partner of ANSYS in the Middle East. We are the authorized and exclusive provider of ANSYS Engineering Simulation Software, Certified ANSYS Training Programs and Application Support for our partners in the Middle East.

What we offer

Simulation-Driven Product Development

As authorized and exclusive ANSYS Channel Partner in the Middle East, Fluid Codes distributes ANSYS Simulation Software and provide application support for ANSYS Design and Simulation Engineers.

At our ANSYS Authorized Training Centers in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bulgaria, we offer Certified Training in ANSYS for design and simulation engineers.


Explore Pervasive Engineering Simulation

Discover how engineering simulation is expanding across the entire product lifecycle,

3D CAD Design

Rapidly explore ideas, iterate and innovate with Ansys Discovery 3D design software. With the easy-to-use tools, you can build and optimize lighter and smarter products.

Academic Solution

Thousands of universities around the world use Ansys Academic engineering simulation software to help undergraduate students learn physics principles; researchers solve complex engineering problems, and postgraduate students produce data for their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertations.


Ansys software can uniquely simulate electromagnetic performance across component, circuit and system design, and can evaluate temperature, vibration and other critical mechanical effects.

Embedded Software

Ansys provides a model-based embedded software development and simulation environment with a built-in automatic code generator to accelerate embedded software development projects.


Ansys CFD goes beyond qualitative results to deliver accurate quantitative predictions of fluid interactions and trade-offs.


Ansys software ensures accurate, consistent, traceable materials information every time and provides the tools you need to support design, research and teaching.


Ansys optical simulation software uniquely simulates a system’s optical performance and evaluates the final illumination effect.


The Ansys simulation platform delivers the broadest suite of best-in-class simulation technology and unifies it with your custom applications, CAD software and enterprise business process tools such as PLM.


Ansys empowers customers with multiphysics simulations to simultaneously solve power, thermal, variability, timing, electromagnetics and reliability challenges across the spectrum of chip, package and system to promote first-time silicon and system success.


With the finite element analysis (FEA) solvers available in the suite, you can customize and automate solutions for your structural mechanics problems and parameterize them to analyze multiple design scenarios.


As product complexity grows, so does the challenge of integrating individual components within a system to ensure they work together as expected.


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Why Client Experience is Important to Us?

The support from Fluid Codes Experts Team helps to enhance our in-house knowledge, make best use of ANSYS tools and add value to our business

Ramsey Bunama

We would like to inform that the services provided by Fluid Codes during purchase and training were very professional and useful. We are very thankful for it.

Ibrahim Al Awadhi

Fluid codes, imparted the hands on training for three days to CSEM-UAE engineers, on ANSYS FLUENT. The training was completely interactive and was interspersed with necessary fundamentals in the subject. Training program has given an insight into the software and has increased the enthusiasm of the engineers trained.

M . SreekanthSr

With the training and support from Fluid Codes, Belleli Energy Srl has been able to apply ANSYS in a quick manner and our engineers have been able to quickly progress with project requirements.

Massimiliano Centi

Ramboll Found the training very useful in familiarising our engineers with ANSYS technology and the software capability. The course content we found to be relevant to our needs and in addition ANSYS software proves to be a highly important tool for our engineering team and its user-friendliness to be commended.

Jesper William Thomsen

We are happy to inform you that with the training and the technical support given by Fluid Codes, NPCC has been able to apply ANSYS Mechanical to all kinds of pressure vessel design challenges in a quick and easy manner and our engineers have been able to quickly progress with the project requirements.

Bashar Yalchiner

I appreciate the way Fluid codes has trained our engineers and we hope it will bring tremendous improvement in the quality of our design output. Keep up the good works

Balasundaram Sridar