Materials & Chemical Processing

Materials & Chemical Processing

Materials & Chemical Processing

Simulation solutions for the process industry is helping companies with significant engineering improvement in their asset- and process equipment efficiency and reliability. The required advancements can directly impact product and process performance, sustainable and green engineering, and ultimately corporate profitability.

From equipment and processes to chemical and petrochemical refining to glass and metals manufacturing, process-focused customers use ANSYS simulation solutions for the process industries to reduce overall costs, conserve energy, minimize environmental impacts, meet higher regulatory standards, and streamline product development and operations through a range of initiatives.

ANSYS solution set includes CFD for chemical process Industry, FEA for process industry and expand to cover electromagnetic and system design engineering concerns.



Glass manufacturing is complex and resource-intensive making it ideally suited to ongoing . . .

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As worldwide demand for engineering materials has steadily increased, environmental pressures . . .

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Mining is an increasingly technology-driven industry, providing engineers with an . . .

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Polymer Processing

In the last few decades, polymers have emerged as a cost-effective, flexible solution for . . .

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Process Equipment

Process equipment designers, manufacturers, and operators are challenged daily to transfer . . .

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Water and Wastewater

Water and wastewater companies face significant challenges as they seek engineering solutions to . .

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Combustion Systems

Reaction and combustion systems generate heat as an essential part of many processes.

Gas-Liquid Systems

The performance and structural integrity of gas-liquid systems can be great . . .

Heat Generation and Heat Transfer Equipment

The generation and transfer of heat play a critical role in the materials and chemical . . .

Measurement and Control

Engineers focusing on measurement and control systems — including valves, flow meters . . .


Advances in computational methods have brought science-based analysis to mixing design . . .

Multi-phase Systems

Many flows in nature and industry involve multiphase. By making a sustained . . .

Particulate Systems

Process industry companies, including metal and mining organizations . . .

Pollution Control

Emissions and pollution from industrial processes are areas of intense global focus . . .

Reactor Design

Because they represent the heart of a chemical plant — in which high-value products are . . .

Separation, Filtration and Distillation

Separation, filtration, and distillation technologies have a broad range of applications in the . . .



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